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“In an IT career that now spans 30 years and many engagements as a contractor and as a consultant, Gary stands heads and shoulders above the many highly qualified managers that I have worked with. He has the ability to step forward when needed, to control situations that look like they are beyond help."

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Gary J Palmer brings a 30 year business career which encompasses Supply Chain, SAP Global Project implementations and independent consulting experience. Gary also delivers to his clients’ professional designations as:

  • Certified Professional Purchaser (CPP)
  • Professional Logistician (P.Log)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Professional in Inventory & Manufacturing (CPIM)
  • Certified in Resource and Inventory Management (CRIM)

Gary’s acknowledged experience includes designing and executing successful Supply Chain re-organizations and rebuilding. This includes operational management comprised of streamlining all lines of business processes, change management, vendor management, negotiation, professional development and technical readiness.

Mr. Palmer brings in-depth knowledge from successful strategic planning, policy formation, human resource development, and the ability to meet critical deadlines and target goals through hands-on execution experience.

In addition Gary J Palmer & Associates have successfully build and executed large IT implementation projects with up to 130 professionals, budgetary responsibility of up to $150MM (USD). Implementations and Quality Assessments have been effectively executed both domestically and internationally across multiple sites and global locations.

International experience from North America, South America, Asia and Europe provides a more diverse cultural perception for strategic decision making. Working with global entities, supporting implementations, global business process template development, creating Program Management Office’s, Quality Assurance & Risk Management assessments and the mentoring Project Managers conveys a solid reputation for accomplishment.

It has been Gary's sincere pleasure to be an educator thus sharing my 30 years of experience to the Universities and Colleges as well as progressive supply chain and manufacturing corporations across Alberta.

Program Management


  • Proven On-time & On-Schedule
  • International or North American Programs
  • Large or Small IT Projects
  • Innovative Techniques - Proven Principles
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  • Operations Productivity & Measurement
  • Management Organization & Effectiveness
  • Training & Education 
  • Manufacturing, Procurement & Contracting
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Supply Chain


  • Increase Inventory Turns and Accuracy
  • Enhance Customer Service & Investment
  • Boost Purchasing Buying Power
  • Streamline Your Logistics Network
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Professional Development


  • Executive Development
  • Operational Education
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Specific and Centered Programs
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